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Selection Introduction

Definition & Selection Field


“Cutting-edge Technology” refers to a forward-looking, pioneering, and exploratory technology that has a high potential to be an important fundamental technology in the future NEV product development and the industry’s transformation and upgrading. Cutting-edge technologies must be in the fundamental research stage and are expected to achieve industrial applications within 5-10 years.(In response to the characteristics of "being in the basic research stage, and it is expected to achieve productized application in the next 5-10 years" in the selection of cutting-edge technologies, the collection of cutting-edge technologies will be suspended for one year in 2023.)

“Innovative Technology” refers to a novel technology that has existing application(s) solving technical difficulties and bottlenecks in the key areas of NEVs. Innovative technologies must already have industrial application(s) with product(s) in volume production.

The selection of the “Global NEVs Cutting-edge and Innovative Technologies” is planned to be held once a year.

Selection Field

1. Vehicle Integration and Control Systems

2. Power Batteries

3. Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells

4. Powertrain and Drive Systems

5. Intelligence

6. Lightweight and Advanced Materials

7. Charging/Battery Swap Infrastructure

8. Other Emerging NEV Technologies

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