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Selection Introduction

Result Release & Time Schedule

Result Release

1. All innovative technologies entered the final evaluation can be obtained “WNEVC Science and Technology Committee Nomination”.

2. The results will be released to the world during the Congress, compiled and distributed during the Congress.

3. The Science and Technology Committee will issue a certificate for the evaluated unit or group.

4. Evaluated unit or group will be invited to the 2023 WNEVC.

5. Evaluated unit or group will have the opportunity to be interviewed by mainstream industry media during the Congress.

6. The results will be recommended to the scientific and technological selection organized by the China Association for Science and Technology and other ministries and commissions.

Time Schedule

1. Feb.20th to Apr. 30th 2023: Material collection.

2. May. 1st to May. 15th, 2023: Examination Form.

3. May. 16th to Jun. 10th, 2023: Preliminary Evaluation.

4. Jun. 11th to Jun. 30th, 2023: Material Improvement and Defense.

5. Jul. 1st to Jul. 31st, 2023: Final Evaluation.

6. Aug. 1st to Aug. 20th, 2023: Form the Selection Result Manual and Release Draft.

7. During the 2023 Congress: Released& Awards.

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