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Selection Introduction

Principle & Criteria & Process

Selection Principle

1. Ensure that the selection is fair, open and impartial, based on objective facts and scientifically evaluated, without interference from any organization or individual.

2. Combine public application with expert recommendation to ensure the universality and representativeness of the selection.

3. Adhere to the principle of voluntary participation and ensure that the recommended materials are open and free intellectual property disputes.

1. Cutting-edge technologies Selection criteria

(1) Forward-looking feature, which refers to the prediction and judgment of the development of NEVs technology;

(2) Leading feature, which refers to its ability to take a leading role in both basic and cutting-edge research in NEVs;

(3) Disruptive feature, which refers to subversive effect on the development of NEVs;

(4) Development prospective, which refers to the application, extension and potential economic and social benefits.

2. Innovative Technologies Selection Criteria

(1) Innovation, which means a new technology created by innovation or an important improvement made on the basis of existing technology, and which has achieved a major breakthrough;

(2) Advancedness, which means that it is an obvious improvement and has unique creative features when compared to the level of the existing technology in the same field;

(3) Importance, which means that it can break through the technical difficulties and bottlenecks in the core areas of new energy vehicles, and has an important promotional and driving effect on technological and industrial progress;

(4) Potential, which means that it can be widely used in new energy vehicles, as well as parts and components, and that it is feasible to be further promoted and applied.

3. Selection process

(1) Technologies Collection: 
· Experts recommend: Committee experts can respectively recommend 2 items of Cutting-edge & Innovative Technologies (The technology recommended by Committee experts can directly enter the final evaluation after examination form). (The experts are required to give a recommendation within 100 words);
· Secretariat recommendation: The WNEVC Secretariat and the Secretariat of the Science and Technology Committee recommend through selection, invitation, etc.;
· Open collection: Cutting-edge and Innovative Technologies are openly collected for domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises, and relevant industry organizations; Each technical field (8 selection fields) can only declare 1 item for the same unit.

(2) Examination Form: The secretariat shall examine the compliance of the application materials;

(3) Preliminary Evaluation: The evaluations are carried out through the online system. The experts select technical fields for group evaluation. One vote accumulates one point, and if the final score is equal to or greater than half of the total number of this field experts, the technology can enter the final evaluation;

(4) Material Improvement and Site Visit or Defense: Communicate with the shortlisted companies to complete the materials. Depending on the situation, conduct on-site inspections or defenses of the technologies that entered the final evaluation;

(5) Final Evaluation: Experts vote on each technology that enters the final evaluation through the online system. In the end, 2020 “Global NEV Cutting-edge and Innovative Technologies” was selected.

(6) Popular Technology: After the "2021 Global New Energy Vehicles Cutting-edge & Innovative Technologies" was released, the " 6. Popular technology" online evaluation activity was launched on the same day. Respectively select the technology with the highest attention (the highest number of votes) from Cutting-edge & Innovative Technologies. The voting results will be released at a Press Conference on the closing day of the Congress.

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